We are seeking participation from people to collectively build India Heritage Hub. The Hub has been envisaged as a virtual interactive space for all within the cultural heritage domain. The primary objective of the Heritage Hub is to create a repository of our collective cultural heritage by documenting heritage assets as well as traditional knowledge and skills. This is a mammoth task indeed! However we believe that through collective effort we can create a corpus of information on cultural heritage that can be shared easily for the enrichment of all. We are looking forward to active involvement of all who share our vision.

We invite you to contribute to India Heritage Hub. Your valuable contribution will help in piecing together missing fragments of our collective cultural memory and enrich the coming generations. If you have the deep desire to share and co-create, do write to us at or submit online and we will make sure your contributions reach all.

While you pen your contributions we would like you to keep in mind that your contributions should be relevant to cultural heritage. You can contribute under the following categories:

  • My City is a section where remembrances from the past as well as any information on cultural aspect of the city can be posted. You make a contribution and we will place the name of the city under the My City section on the Hub with a link to your contribution.
  • Heritage at a Glance: You can document for posterity any cultural heritage resource by contributing a brief write-up, photographs with short captions and if possible spatial location of the asset. Cultural Heritage Resource can be any built heritage or tangible asset such as buildings, monuments and artifacts, natural heritage including culturally significant landscapes, material heritage such as craft or visual art and intangible heritage such as folklore, traditions, language, performing art and traditional knowledge.
  • Unprotected Heritage: You can write about any type of heritage be it built, natural, material or intangible which is unprotected and highlight its significance, history and problems being faced by it. The information can be filled in the  format given here.
  • Missing Monument: In this section you can report any missing monument (Centrally or protected by State Archaeology). The information can be filled in the  format given here.
  • You can also make contributions under other categories namely Featured Article, Scholar Research, History Mystery, Traveller’s Tales, Kidstory,  Read With MeNews, Book World, etc. These categories are meant to facilitate contributions and aid in archiving of information. Though not mandatory it would be helpful if category and tags are mentioned in the contribution.
    • Featured Article is a section for well researched articles published or unpublished, with maps, drawings, illustrations, images, adequate references and bibliography.
    • Scholar  Research is a section for showcasing the research work under taken at graduate, post graduate or PhD level.
    • History Mystery is a collection of intriguing information on cultural heritage that arouses curiosity and showcases hitherto unknown facts
    • Traveller’s Tales is a section for sharing your unforgettable moments, journeys and travel-reminiscences showcasing cultural heritage, written in an interesting and gripping manner supported by visuals.
    • Kidstory is an exclusive write up for kids and youngsters,  a cultural prism through which they can explore various hues of Indian culture !!!
    • Read With Me is a section where you can post excerpts from your favorite books on culture.
    • Information regarding heritage events and activities and news can be shared under the News section.
    • Book World is an opportunity to write a short piece on your latest read on culture.
  • By contributing you affirm that you are the author of the text, images and video in question and agree to share it in this public forum. In case of published articles do mention the details of the source, where and when the article was published. Images that you contribute should not be more than 500kb each. You can also watermark images that you have contributed. The contributor shall retain ownership of the copyright to the text, image and video.

Your contributions will be duly acknowledged on India Heritage Hub. Feel free to write to us for any queries. It is our endeavor to constantly improve and expand India Heritage Hub. 

With your active participation we intend to create a truly comprehensive and encompassing pool of knowledge on cultural heritage.

Thanks for your interest in our initiative. We value your contribution.