The initiative India Heritage Hub is based on the premise that if knowledge is not shared freely it will remain just a piece of information securely tucked away under some pile of papers. The objective of the Hub is to take the discussion on heritage, preservation and development across to a larger audience and provide an opportunity for all to contribute.

With your active participation we intend to create a truly comprehensive and encompassing pool of knowledge on cultural heritage. Anything and everything related to culture is welcome on the Hub . . . any thought, an idea or just a suggestion will be appreciated. Please feel free to write and share . . !  It is our endeavor to constantly improve and expand India Heritage Hub with your support.

Please leave your thoughts, suggestions or queries in the form provided on this page. For comments specific to a post please write them in the relevant comment box provided below each post. If you liked the information on our website do let us know. And yes do spread the word about this initiative. Each individual’s support is valuable for us.

Join hands with us to make India Heritage Hub a people’s initiative . . . for the people, by the people and of the people!

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