The Indian sub-continent has witnessed uninterrupted human habitation for more than three thousand years. The sub-continent has nurtured innumerable human settlements and has witnessed the rise and fall of various dynasties. Creative human endeavors over centuries have bestowed upon the sub-continent an immensely diverse and rich heritage born out of the intermingling and cross-fertilisation of various cultures. Continuity along with constant transformation has led to the accumulation of a wealth of physical assets and an intangible repository of embedded traditional knowledge and skills. These inherited tangible and intangible assets constitute our living cultural heritage.

Much of our unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage has been lost to the vagaries of time but a lot still remains and is under constant threat. There is an urgent need to preserve our cultural heritage resources. With this objective Centre for Advancement of Traditional Building Technology and Skills (CATTS) has set up India Heritage Hub. This creative initiative intends to document both tangible and intangible heritage resources in a holistic manner. It hopes to be able to rebuild a repository of our collective cultural resources documenting local heritage assets, traditional knowledge and skills with the active participation of people.


Build a repository of our collective cultural resources documenting local heritage assets, knowledge and skills . . .


This creative initiative aspires to:

  • Document for posterity cultural heritage related information through a multidisciplinary approach
  • Provide recognition to local cultural heritage, highlighting creativity at the grassroots
  • Provide an opportunity to people to highlight issues and potentials with regards cultural heritage
  • Promote a community based participatory approach to building a repository
  • Sharing of information amongst people with easy accessibility to cultural  heritage related information in the public domain