Locally referred to as Nai ka Maqbara (“Barber’s Tomb”), the striking tomb supposedly belongs to the royal barber who served Humayun. This particular tomb is the only structure to be built within the Humayun’s Tomb complex after the completion of the emperor’s mausoleum.

Barber's Tomb

Description                 The small, seldom frequented, red & grey sandstone tomb is square in plan & simple in ornamentation. It stands on a platform on the south-east side of Humayun’s Tomb.
History It is known that the individuals interred here are male & female respectively, but their identity is not clear. Both the graves are embossed with Quranic inscriptions & one of them is marked with the number 999, which represents the Hijra year when the tomb was built (1590-91 AD).
Construction The elegant tomb stands on a platform 2.44 meters high. Arched niches exist on all four sides of the square tomb – while an arched entrance is built into one of these, the rest are filled with stone latticework screens (“jalis”). The dome sits on a sixteen-sided drum & is topped by a lotus finial. Slender minarets mark the corners of the octagonal drum.
Protection  The tomb comes under the aegis of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Restoration & conservation work on the tomb is being undertaken by the Aga Khan Trust (AKT) as part of Humayun’s Tomb-Nizamuddin Basti project
Ownership    Government of India
Location         The nearest Metro Station is JLN Stadium. The complex is also close to Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station.
Remark     For a detailed write up on the tomb click more!

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