Another haunted gate in the capital is the Dilli Darwaza or Delhi Gate.


Description                  Dilli Darwaza or the Delhi Gate faced the older citadels of Delhi that existed before Shahjahan built his capital. The arched doors are large enough to permit the emperor’s convoy of horses and palanquins to pass through without any difficulty when he visited the nearby located Jama Masjid.
History Shahjahan’s capital, Shahjanabad (present day Old Delhi), was enclosed by a high rubble wall as a protection against foreign invaders. The strong wall had 14 large, square gates and several smaller ones. The larger gates were named after the cities they faced. Very few of these gates and wall portions have survived the ravages of time and human maltreatment. Delhi Gate is one of the few surviving ones.
Construction The square-shaped, bastion guarded gate is majestically located in the middle of a traffic divider at the beginning of Daryaganj Street. The gate is built of stone and rubble, with high walls, arrow slits, arches and bastions. The outside walls have stone carvings and are embossed with geometrical designs and medallions.
Protection  Delhi Gate is today a protected monument under the aegis of the Archaeological Survey of India.
Ownership    Archaeological Survey of India
Location         Daryaganj, Chandni Chowk. Take a bus from near the Red Fort to Delhi Gate. Alternately, buses ply to Delhi Gate from different parts of the city, just climb on those going to Old Delhi (Purani Dilli).
Remark     The small, unkempt garden next to the gate is now used as a cricket ground by local kids. It is said to be haunted. Folklore has it that a British soldier (“Sipahi”/”Tommy” – take your pick) was in love with a local girl and wanted to spend the rest of his natural life with her. However he later found out that the girl was soon going to be married – in a fit of rage and desperation he shot the girl and himself. It has been claimed that the Peepal tree (Ficus religiosa -Sacred fig) in the ground is now haunted.If you ever happen to visit this structure on Sunday, do pay a visit to the Sunday Book Bazaar which is one of the major attractions of Daryaganj. For a detailed write up on the gate click more!


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