Another Invaluable Heritage Resource Unfortunately Unprotected . . .

Khajjiar 01

Name                      Khajji Nag Temple
Type               Temple
Location                Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh
Past Usage            Religious
Present Usage     Religious
Protection             Unprotected
History/Significance Khajji Nag temple set amidst the mesmerizing and serene setting of Dhauladhar ranges in Khajjiar, situated at am altitude of about 2000m, was built before 12th century A.D. This beautiful wooden temple is dedicated to Naga worship. The mandapa of the temple has wooden carved images of Pandavas and the Kauravas erected by Raja Balbhadra Barman in the 16th century. The temple was renovated by Batlu, the nurse of Raja Prithvi Singh in the 17th century.

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