If you thought you have seen the best of Amer, the magnificent Palace, Jaigarh and the town with its myriad streets lined with havelis, temples and ruins of structures then you are in for a surprise. As you prepare yourself to see the world-famous walled city of Jaipur, there is much en route waiting to be explored. As you descend down the Aravalli hills and enter the valley leading to Jaipur city, you are welcomed by Kanak Vrindavan. A valley having both the Shri Govind Deoji temple and the much famed Jal Mahal set within the Man Sagar lake. Conceived about 280 years ago by the Kachhawaha rulers of Amber the beautiful green valley encircled by the Aravalli hills is said to resemble mythological Vrindavan and hence named so. The valley changes colour with the seasons. In peak summer time what seem to be barren and desolate hills turn into lush green hill slopes after the rains. Small open spaces around temples turn into picnic spaces thronged by the locals. The open space around the Govind Deoji temple attracts visitors galore. It is said that the idol of Govind Deoji housed in the temple in Jaipur city was for a brief period placed in this temple and later shifted to its present location inside the walled city.

The Jal Mahal complex was built as a royal leisure palace set within a lake created by the construction of a dam between the Khilagarh hills and hilly areas of Nahargarh. Apart from several viewing galleries the palace has a beautiful terrace garden on the top offering a panoramic view of the surrounding hills. The newly revived Jal Mahal complex attracts a large species of birds. As we move closer towards Jaipur city outside its fortification walls are the intricately carved royal cenotaphs.

A visit to the beautiful Kanak Vrindavan valley is an opportunity for orienting oneself to some of the major landmarks around Jaipur. The valley shines with the spiritual aura of Govind Deojij temple, Garh Ganesh temple, Charan Mandir and is closely guarded by the Jaigarh, Nahargarh and Ambagarh forts.

So hold your breath for what you are going to see is going to transport you to a different era and is definitely going to leave you dazzled . . .

What do you think?

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