If you thought Orchha which literally means ‘hidden’ is all about magnificent palaces, temples, gardens and chhatris dotting its dry and desolate landscape then you have probably not seen what lies inside its splendid buildings. Apart from the grand architecture and interesting compositions of domes, cupolas, screens, brackets, finials and fine detailing with blue tile work there is something more waiting to be revealed. Hidden inside its three grand buildings Raja Mahal, Jahangir Mahal and Lakshmi Mandir is another story of Orchha. Intricate and finely executed paintings securely tucked away inside the chambers of these three buildings speak volumes of the artistic skills of the craftsmen who immortalized innumerable tales from mythology, wars and the exploits of kings. The warm colors of the paintings light up the monochrome interiors like the blossoms of hundreds and thousands of Palash trees that set the otherwise dull landscape of Orchha on fire with innumerable shades of red and orange when in full bloom. Come take a look for yourself . . .


  1. wish u had put up a photo of the Ram Raja Temple also. It is the only temple in the country whereRama is worshipped as a king

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