No other landmark symbolizes lust, valor, chivalry and sacrifice more than Chittorgarh, the fort that conceals within its confines a history of more than 800 years where stories of sacrifice still flame eternal burning pyres. Strewn with ruined structures Chittorgarh has many a tale to tell, palaces where evidences of royalty can still be witnessed, chhatris where lust lit many pyres, numerous temples resounding with solitude and spirituality, the shrine where bhajans of Meera Bai still speak of her ultimate devotion to Lord Krishna and tower of victory soaring high up in the sky.

The power and glory of Chittorgarh drove many kings to come charged with arms challenging its might. Undeterred, though ravaged by marching enemies, men mounted horses knowing very well that they shall never return home. Not once but thrice the fort literally went up in flames with the Jauhar of women and the exemplary sacrifice of unsung heroes. Names like Badal and Gora, Jaimal and Patta echo in the pages of history for their supreme sacrifice. Razed to rubble by Akbar, the fort was deserted never to be inhabited again. A visit to the place still sends shivers down the spine listening to stories of heroic valor that unfolded within its majestic walls . . .

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