Caves, caverns, deep gorges and gushing waterfalls, rising cliffs, unending green pastures and meandering pathways all invite you to discover and experience the magic of nature in Pachmarhi, the Queen of Satpura. The wilderness of Pachmarhi’s deep forests and solitude beckons you. The dense canopy of its forests conceals a wealth of rare herbs and if you are lucky you might also catch a glimpse of a tiger or a panther wandering around. Numerous waterfalls gurgling down the valleys of Pachmarhi refresh and recharge the soul. The place is virtually an archaeological treasure house with numerous pre-historic paintings in its many secret caves, subtle reminders that we are not the first ones to have come here, many before us have taken refuge in these tranquil surroundings. Buddhist monks have roamed its forests and mediated in its rock cut cave shelters. Dark caverns in the Satpura hills draw one inside revealing interesting landscapes shaped by the mighty forces of nature some tens and thousands of years ago. And when you think you have seen enough and feely deeply satisfied go paragliding up in the sky to take stock of all that you did not see, the beauty and bounty of nature ever-changing and enchanting. Deep into the valley the setting crimson sun at Dhupgarh, the highest point in the Vindhya and Satpura ranges, beckons you to come back again another day, another sight waiting for a journey together . . .

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