Shimmering sand, shifting dunes and a big golden ship sailing steadily. Welcome aboard the INS Sonar Qila that has within its folds intricately carved havelis, temples, gateways and streets bustling with life. Narrow lanes shaded by projecting balconies of havelis conceal more than your eyes can contain . . . walk down the lanes and by lanes of Jaisalmer fort and immerse yourself in the golden hue, climb atop its many bastions and see the city beneath your feet, people running about in hectic frenzy while you stand tall and caress the winds and when your eyes cannot see any further on the horizon take a break and visit the havelis again and sit quietly concentrating on the dedication and devotion of the humble craftsmen who created this golden treasure for posterity . . .


  1. It may be a good idea to invite archaeologists and good photographers like Sh. B.C.Jain of Barmer to share their thoughts & photos

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