Aghapur is an ancient site near Bharatpur. A number of sculptures have been discovered from this site especially the ekamukha Shivlinga of pre-Kushana period indicating that the region around Bharatpur was a seat of Shiva worship in the pre-Kushan period. Apart from the ekamukha Shivlinga, the two lion heads sculpture from the medieval period and the Kundika Yaksha, Kushan period are some other significant finds from this area. Another very important find from this site is that of Skand Kartikeya dating to the Kushan period. Kartikeya, also known as Subhramanya or Kartik, is a central deity of the Hindu tradition of India. He is greatly revered by Shaivites as son of Shiva. This statue was initially found to be kept under a Banyan tree in a field in Aghapur village. In the year 1969 as the Sub Divisional Officer at Bharatpur I was approached by Late Sh. Satyaa Prakash, the then Director, Archaeology and Museums Rajasthan to help secure the image which was in the custody of a farmer in the village which was almost inside Ghana Bird Sanctuary, a world heritage site. It was a memorable experience for me to have been involved in safeguarding of this unique sculpture which is now preserved in the Bharatpur State Museum.


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