Meghalaya, ‘abode of the clouds’ has mesmerized travelers down the century. This new state of North-East with smoky hills and orchids has its capital at Shillong. We were there for four days in the first week of April. Shillong is wonderful with endless hill ranges, greenery – conifers, lakes and waterfalls.

Cherapunjee the wettest place on earth is down south of Shillong about 50 km. On way are lush green paddy fields and cluster of villages with bamboo huts on stilts. The bounty of rain gods on Cherapunjee is evident in its impressive water falls, deep verdant gorges, sacred groves and limestone caves with their intriguing embellishment.  The famous falls are the seven sister falls or Nohsngithiang falls, Mawsmai falls, Dainthlen falls, Nohkaliki falls (the world’s fourth highest) and numerous other small falls.

Enroute Cherapunjee an Eco Park has been developed by Meghalaya forest department where small saplings of native species have been planted. Forest department has also developed a traditional sacred forest where exotic varieties of orchids and unique carnivorous plants species such as pitcher plant has been preserved. On a clear day one can view the Bangladesh border across the river.

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