Some interesting photographs of cave paintings inside the caves of Bhimbetka . . . showing a large congregation of animals deer, cow, horse, elephant and human beings . . . see if you can spot some more in the pictures !

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Painting as a medium of expression is not new to human beings. From the graffiti of toddlers to the most sophisticated works of art, every soul seeks expression. The beginning of painting as a medium of expression goes down to the pre-historic era. The first artists were Stone Age people. Rock paintings of the pre historic era are mostly found deep in the caves, where natural light does not reach. Prehistoric rock paintings have been found in many parts of the world, including France, Spain and Italy. In India there are over 150 rock painting sites. Of these, the largest and the most spectacular one is located in the Vindhyan hills at Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh.

In 1957, Indian archaeologist VS Wakanker discovered more than 700 cave shelters with paintings in a rocky sandstone ridge near Bhimbetka village, surrounded by thick deciduous forests. The rock paintings at…

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