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The aim of INDIA HERITAGE HUB is to take the discussion on HERITAGE, PRESERVATION and DEVELOPMENT across to a larger audience and provide an opportunity for all to contribute, explore and co-create. Anything and everything related to culture is welcome on the Hub . . . any THOUGHT, any IDEA or just a SUGGESTION will be immensely appreciated. As a responsible individual you can raise awareness by sharing information on the Hub about hitherto unknown Cultural Heritage Assets thereby helping preserve the asset digitally and if need be create a pressure group to ensure that the endangered asset is adequately safeguarded by the concerned authorities.

Please FEEL FREE TO WRITE AND SHARE . . . send your contributions at or submit online (Guidelines) because with your active participation only we can create a truly comprehensive and encompassing pool of knowledge on cultural heritage and help safeguard Cultural Heritage Assets in todays rapidly changing environment. What we together create today might become an invaluable asset for posterity.

Leave your thoughts, suggestions or queries in the form provided on the Views page. For comments specific to a post please write them in the relevant comment box provided below each post. If you liked the information on our website do let us know. You can also rate individual posts by simply clicking on the stars next to Rate This at the top of each post. You can receive regular updates from India Heritage Hub by clicking on the FOLLOW button in the sidebar menu, titled For the Latest on the Hub, at the bottom right corner of the page.

It is our endeavor to constantly improve and expand India Heritage Hub with your support. Your suggestions and encouragement will help us grow and improve. And yes do SPREAD THE WORD about this initiative and share the link with your friends, family and acquaintances. We greatly value each individual’s support.

Join hands with us to make India Heritage Hub a people’s initiative . . . for the people, by the people and of the people!

3 responses to “YOUR CONTRIBUTION

  1. R/Sir I am civil engineer by profession.From my very child hood I have been watching an unique tree in my native village in U.P.I think this tree also belongs to Parijaat category,During winters once I saw its flowers at 2.00 am during chadni raat when I was returning from Gorakpur via ayodhya in 2008 in the month of november and during always in these periods of time in every year a very nice fragrance spread near about 2-3 kms buffer zone of the tree.Very nice & unique scent not available in any of agarbatti or perfumes.Flowers are not seen during day time or closer to tree if any body approaches tree during night,I have seen the flowers from village road about 150 meter from the tree,with small ball shaped ,white in colour,.hope you help me discover the tree.
    with regards

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