Excerpts from Earliest Jigsaw, an article published in Down To Earth Magazine, Sep 15-30, 2009

85 years after it was discovered, few of the critical questions about the Indus Valley civilization are answered. The script they used is yet to be cracked—in fact, certain scholars say it is not a script at all

-- –In 1946, a team of India’s archaeological survey was at one of its favourite digs when it stumbled upon 37 skeletons. Two lay on the steps of a well with visible marks of head injury. Five were on the steps of another well room. A few others were hastily buried as if the times were so bad the dead could not be taken to the cemetery. “Men, women and children seemed to have been massacred in the streets and left dying or, at best, crudely covered without any last rite,” wrote Mortimer Wheeler, who led the expedition . . . Read More

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